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AgriLife Biokit

AgriLife Biokit
AgriLife Biokit
Product Description

AgriLife introduces a new concept of  ' Green Organic Fingers' with this handy garden biokit that has 100% certified organic inputs. It has components that can be used for 100 pots/ plants for 2 months. 

AgriLife Biokit contains:

AgriLife Nitrofix AC : Nourishes the garden soil/ pot.

AgriLife Rootambio: A unique combination of Biofertilizers, PGPRs, Nutrients and Vitamins which helps proliferation of roots, enhances vegetative growth, disease supression and drought resistance

KOHINOOR: Provides the plant with essential nutrition that is required at various stages of plant grwoth as well as the overall development during the cropping cycle.

DERISOM: A bioinsecticide/ bioacaricide based on the active extracts of Karanjin

MargoSom: A broad spectrum Fungicide which acts on several fungal diseases.

For more information, visit www.agrilife.in 

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